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If you are not already a member of Holy Cross, please see our main home page, which has much more information for you. This page is for people who are already familiar with us and our website and just want to see the latest changes or news.

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Holy Pascha: Christ is Risen!

Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tomb bestowing life!

Shine! Shine! O New Jerusalem! The glory of the Lord has shone upon you! Exult and be glad, O Zion! Be radiant, 0 Pure Theotokos, in the Resurrection of your son!

For more: Reflections on Pascha

At the Service of the 12 Passion Gospels

Pascha: Homilies and Articles From Past Newsletters

Outdoor Blessing of the Waters, 2016

Parish News

Holy Friday

We have some photos from the services on Holy Friday!

Palm Sunday

We have some photos from the services of Pascha!

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday was a festive celebration, with our yearly photograph of parish children after the procession.

Teach Liturgy

On Soul Saturday, Father Christopher celebrated a teaching liturgy, teaching during the Proskomedia and the Divine Liturgy.

Outdoor Blessing of the Waters

On the Sunday of Orthodoxy, we had a procession with icons, and took a photo of the children.

Outdoor Blessing of the Waters

In the first week of Lent, parishioners gathered to pray the penitential Canon of St. Andrew.

Outdoor Blessing of the Waters

We began Lent with the Rite of Forgiveness.

Outdoor Blessing of the Waters

Thanks to Whitney for photos from the Outdoor Blessing of the Waters on the Sunday following Theophany.

Thanks to Sergey for photos from the John Luke's Baptism on the Sunday after Nativity!

Thanks to Sergey for many more photos from the baptisms and chrismations just before Nativity!

Nativity Play

We have photos from the children's Nativity Play!

Vigil service

Our celebration of the Nativity of Christ began with a beautiful and joyous Vigil service.

Group Photo of Newly-Illumined and Sponsors

We celebrated 5 baptisms and 11 chrismations on the Sunday before Nativity!

Teaching about Confession

The first of 2017's Nativity Prefeast services began the final stage of prayerful preparation for Holy Nativity.

St. Nicholas visited Holy Cross this year again, and later, many parishioners and their children sang Christmas carols at Adams Farm Living and Rehabilitation, where our brother George of blessed memory used to live.

Father Christopher gathered together the parish children who are approaching the appropriate age and offered them some teaching about confession.

After so many years of hoping, researching, planning, preparing and praying, at last we had our first meeting with the builders, initiating the actual path toward building our new church!

For more, please see our Parish News, Photos and Videos page.