Holy Cross Orthodox Church - a group photo taken beside our new church building!

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If you are not already a member of Holy Cross, please see our main home page, which has much more information for you. This page is for people who are already familiar with us and our website and just want to see the latest changes or news.

Liturgical Ornament

Sunday, April 21

Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt

Saint icon

With the sword of abstinence, you cut down the corrupt desires of your soul and the passions of your flesh. With the silence of the wilderness you strangled your sinful words and thoughts. You watered the desert with the streams of your tears, and made the fruits of repentance to grow for us. We celebrate your memory, O holy one.

At the Service of the 12 Passion Gospels

Lenten Resources from Father Christopher

Father Christopher's 2024 letter to the parish with recommendations for Lent and Lenten Resources.

Articles for Lent

Here are some articles from parish newsletters that are especially relevant to Lent: