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Regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus!

Dear faithful of Holy Cross,

Glory to Jesus Christ!

“Let us bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ” -Galatians 6:2

As per the Archbishop’s request that we continue to follow the reasonable directives of the local civil authority and Forsyth County mandating that masks be required at indoor gatherings, beginning August 21st we will be requiring masks to be worn indoors except while eating or drinking.

Archbishop Alexander has asked that we follow the reasonable directives of the local civil authority. Eg, if our local civil authority reimposes a masking ordinance our parish will be expected to follow it.

I know many of us are weary of having to wear them but I am recommending it for the sake of bearing one another’s burdens as the Body of Christ. There are those among us and our community who are not able to be vaccinated (our children under 12) or who are immunocompromised. We need to be mindful of one another as Orthodox Christians. This involves self-sacrificial love for the other and, as St. Maria of Paris reminds us, “the other is Christ.” We need to do this for the sake of protecting our vulnerable ones. It is our Christian way. We follow Christ and take up our voluntary Cross in imitation of Him.

Also, masking will help keep our parish open. There have been three significant outbreaks in parishes in the diocese just in the last several weeks. Just today I spoke with a priest who has had to cancel services for two weeks after 20 parishioners have tested positive with one in the hospital, and several more are working through cases of COVID among parish members. So, the Archbishop is asking us to continue to please be vigilant and be mindful of those around us.

I am asking as your priest that you take this requirement to heart and until we see a significant decrease in positive cases and community spread that you continue to wear them. May the Lord continue to show His loving-kindness to us as we continue to navigate this difficult time for our world. Lord, come quickly to save us and heal us!

Your servant in Christ,

Fr. Christopher

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