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Regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus!

Some important highlights from our latest guidance from our Archbishop:

  • Face coverings are still required at services but social distancing may be relaxed to three feet between members of different households.
  • Face Coverings are required when moving through the church building or parish hall, and at any meetings or fellowship. When seated at tables for coffee hour, meals, classes, or meetings coverings may be removed when proper distancing is maintained. Servers at meals and coffee hour must wear masks.
  • As of April 18th, we no longer need to sign up for services! We will have the overflow room in the hall with the live stream for those who choose to be there and will be able to receive Holy Communion. Anyone who wants to come to church can come while still being mindful of wearing a face covering and distancing.

More information is available on this page: Information on the COVID-19 Coronavirus for the Faithful.

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