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Reconstructing Our New Iconostas

Reconstructing Our New Iconostas

When the Annunciation to the Theotokos / St. Nicholas Cathedral generously found that they were able to offer to our parish an iconostas, that was the wonderful news! We certainly wouldn't call it "bad" news, but the "other" news was that it was in Ottawa, Canada! So someone from our parish had to drive up there, pack it all up, and drive it all the way back home to North Carolina. That nearly 2,000 mile journey turned out to be quite an adventure, and we invite you to read it!

Reader Daniel created an image of the portion of the iconostas that we were able to install in our present building overlaing a blueprint of the full iconostas in its original state:

Iconostas blueprint overlay

Below are photographs of the partial reconstruction of the iconostas once it finally arrived at its new home: