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The Sunday of Zaccheus

Prologue to the Great Lent

The Church offers us five Sundays that help us enter the frame of mind we need for the "joy-creating sorrow" of the Great Lent:

The Sunday of Zaccheus

In his introduction to the Lenten Triodion, Metropolitan Kallistos Ware points out that the Gospel reading is of the publican Zacchaeus, “… describing how Zacchaeus climbed a tree beside the road where Christ was to pass. In this reading, we note Zacchaeus’ sense of eager expectation, the intensity of his desire to see our Lord, and we apply this to ourselves. If, as we prepare for Lent, there is real eagerness in our hearts, if we have an intense desire for a clearer vision of Christ, then our hopes will be fulfilled during the fast; indeed, we shall, like Zacchaeus, receive far more than we expect. But if there is within us no eager expectation and no sincere desire, we shall see and receive nothing. And so we ask ourselves: What is my state of mind and will as I prepare to embark upon the Lenten journey?”