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We celebrated John Luke's baptism on the Sunday after Nativity.

Thanks to Sergey for many more photos from the baptisms and chrismations just before Nativity!

We have photos from the children's Nativity Play!

Our celebration of the Nativity of Christ began with a beautiful and joyous Vigil service.

We had five Baptisms and 11 Chrismations on the Sunday before Nativity!

We began our Nativity Prefeast services.

St. Nicholas visited our parish, and parishioners and their children sang Christmas carols at Adams Farm.

Father Christopher gathered together the parish children who are approaching the appropriate age and offered them some teaching about confession.

After so many years of hoping, researching, planning, preparing and praying, at last we had our first meeting with the builders, initiating the actual path toward building our new church!

Twins' Baptism

John and Alexander were baptized.

At last, we have some photos from Pascha!

With the celebration of the Feast of the Entry of our Lord into Jerusalem, with a procession with palms and pussy willows, and our annual Palm Sunday photo of the parish children, we also celebrated chrismations and a baptism, and the entry into the catechuminate.

After the procession on the Sunday of Orthodoxy, the children gathered for a photograph.

Rev. Dr. Michael Oleksa, Dean Emeritus of St. Herman’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kodiak, Alaska, came to Holy Cross and spoke about the joy and courage of Saint herman, the commitment and vision of Saint Innocent and the long-suffering and Paschal joy of Saint Jacob as essential to our missionary task in North America.

Adults and children danced and played folk games to celebrate Maslenitsa.

We gathered to celebrate the Outdoor Great Blessing of the Waters at City Lake Park.

The funeral for our dear brother George Fesenko was on Tuesday, January 10. We have some photos, and thoughts offered by Father Christopher.

We have some photos from the Theophany service and the blessing of the water.

We have a few photos from the Nativity Vigil.

We have some photos of parishioners singing Christmas carols at Adams Farm.

We have some photos from the Children's Christmas Pageant.

Parishioners are gathering with Father Christopher on Friday mornings at 10AM to pray for God's blessing on our building project.

We have photos of our annual Parish Picnic!

We have photos of Stella's Baptism!

We have some video and many photos from the Divine Liturgy and celebrations during the visit of Bishop Alexander.

We have some more photos from the visit of Bishop Alexander from Vespers and the Banquet!

His Grace, Bishop Alexander blessed our parish in our 10th Anniversary celebration of parish life. We have a few photos from Vespers, and we hope to have photos from the Pontifical Divine Liturgy soon.

We celebrated our parish feast, the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, and we have some video excerpts from the Vigil service.

We have some photos from the Feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos.

Emily became a catechumen.

We have some photos from Susan's Chrismation!

We have some photos from the Divine Liturgy of Pentecost!

We have some photos from Pascha!

We have some video from the services of Pascha.

We have video from Holy Saturday: Lamentations & Procession.

We have video from Holy Friday: the procession carrying Christ's Body to the tomb.

We have a couple of photos from the Matins of Holy Friday, the 12 Passion Gospels.

We have some photos from of the children and the procession on Palm Sunday.

A video of Father Christopher's presentation on Orthodox Architecture is available on our Raising the Cross web site. His slides also are available on the same page.

We have some photos from the Sunday of Orthodoxy!

We now have many wonderful photos from the visit of the Kursk Root Icon!

We have a brief video of highlights from the visit of the Kursk Root icon.

The Parish Council for 2016 was inducted.

We have some wonderful photographs from the Outdoor Blessing of the Waters.

We have some photos of baptisms and chrismations!

The Greensboro News & Record published an article, a video, and a wonderful collection of photographs of our Outdoor Blessing of the Waters.

We have some video of the Outdoor Blessing of the Waters.

We have photos from this year's Nativity Holy Supper!

Children sang carols at Adams Farm Assisted Living Center, an annual tradition!

Father Christopher gave a homily for the children on St. Herman's Day.

We have some photos from the annual Parish Picnic.

We have some photos of Timothy's Chrismation.

We now have some photos from Porphyria and John's Chrismation.

We have some photos from our parish feast!

We have some video from this year's celebration of our Parish Feast, the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

We have photos from Seraphima's baptism!

We have photos from Ella's baptism!

We have some wonderful photos from the bright joy of Holy Pascha!

On a beautiful Holy Saturday, Innocent (John) was chrismated. We have a few pictures.

We have a brief video from the Lamentations service.

We have a short video excerpt of the procession with the Epitaphion / Plashchanitsa in the evening of Holy Friday.

We have a brief video of Christ's crucified Body being carried and placed in the Tomb on the afternoon of Holy Friday.

We have our annual group photo of parish children taken on Palm Sunday.

We have been struggling with "overflow" during services for some time. We now have expanded our nave space to try to help!

We have some wonderful photos from Daniel's baptism!

small cross

Please see our Photos page for more photos, and our Parish News page for more about events in our parish.

Welcome to Holy Cross: The Orthodox Church serving the Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point area of North Carolina with services entirely in English.


Prologue to the Great Lent

The Church offers us five Sundays that help us enter the frame of mind we need for the "joy-creating sorrow" of Lent:

The Sunday of Zaccheus

In his introduction to the Lenten Triodion, Metropolitan Kallistos Ware points out that the Gospel reading is of the publican Zacchaeus, “… describing how Zacchaeus climbed a tree beside the road where Christ was to pass. In this reading, we note Zacchaeus’ sense of eager expectation, the intensity of his desire to see our Lord, and we apply this to ourselves. If, as we prepare for Lent, there is real eagerness in our hearts, if we have an intense desire for a clearer vision of Christ, then our hopes will be fulfilled during the fast; indeed, we shall, like Zacchaeus, receive far more than we expect. But if there is within us no eager expectation and no sincere desire, we shall see and receive nothing. And so we ask ourselves: What is my state of mind and will as I prepare to embark upon the Lenten journey?”

The Truth of Jesus Christ brings healing, peace, joy and freedom. Our mission is to witness to his Truth to all people in the Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point area.

Jesus Christ established one, and only one eternal and unchanging Church through His Apostles 2,000 years ago – the Orthodox Church – and he promised the gates of hell would not prevail against it. That Church is right here in the Triad area. We welcome everyone to join! More...

Do you want peace, consolation, healing and renewal?

The [Orthodox] Divine services are a blessed fount from which the heavenly Grace abundantly pours forth its gifts upon all those who serve the Lord in fullness of heart – gifts of mercy, peace, consolation, purification, sanctification, enlightenment, healing, renewal, and – what is most precious – the gift of worship, in Divine Liturgy and Holy Communion.

St. John of Kronstadt, "Thoughts on the Divine Liturgy"

The first Christians believed that Jesus Christ knows the suffering of humankind, and chose to become one of us, to live and die with and for us, to save us. So do we.

The first Christians believed that when two or three gather together in His Name, Jesus Christ is present in the midst of them. So do we.

The first Christians believed that when they offered bread and wine for blessing by God, they shared together the true Body and true Blood of Jesus Christ. So do we.

... because we are the first Christians!

The Orthodox Church is the Body of Christ, the ancient Church established by Jesus Christ once, now, and for all ages, unchanged in Faith since the times of the Apostles. No one has ever needed to try to "reform" the Orthodox Church, because it never strayed from the true path of Christ. Nor do the Orthodox need to try to "rediscover" the Apostolic Church, because the Orthodox Church is today what it always has been for more than 2,000 continuous years: the Apostolic Church.

Every Sunday we gather together to stand in the presence of the living God, lifting our hearts to join with the heavenly angels and all the saints, singing in psalms and hymns, in prayer and worship before God. We invite you to join us!

It can be intimidating to come to a new, unfamiliar church, so we have prepared resources for you to learn more about us. Our parish is located in High Point, near Greensboro and Winston Salem, North Carolina. You can learn about what you'll find on your first visit, when our services are, and how to find us. You can learn more about our parish, and about the Orthodox Christian Church.